Global Market Rally from Bullish Years of Horse to Sheep

As pointed out in my article 1 year ago, a stumbling Year of Horse 2014 is indeed a blessing in disguise.  Year of Horse had a rough start but having a nice yearly performance as predicted 1 year ago. All the major global stock indices show positive yearly return, ranging from 10% to 50% gains (see graph below), despite uncertain stock market conditions at that time with gloomy QE3 tapering and China economy slowdown.  As predicted, China Shanghai Stock Index (can be traded with A50 ETF) at 2000 points was a strong support as few country indices with strong fundamentals could have such a low optimism.  Final results show that China Shanghai Index has experienced 70% rally from 2000 points to 3400 points, Ein55 market optimism strategy has successfully predicted this golden opportunity.

In addition, Temasek Portfolio with undervalued low-optimism have recovered successfully, eg, SMRT ($1 to $1.80), NOL (recovering from price valley), Capitaland ($3 to $3.60), there are many more “Temasek Giants” are waiting for recovery:

My investing philosophy is to look for investment giants, patiently waiting for the giants to fall down, helping the giants to get up, finally saying goodbye to the giants who will then reward us substantially for the help given. Learn how to position yourself to benefit from the stock market recovery, there are many falling giants from various sectors (oil & gas, retail sales, casino, palm oil, mining, etc) in many countries who are waiting for recovery.

Similarly in the Year of Sheep 2015, the stock market is again uncertain with predictable US interest rate hike, bearish global commodity market (including oil crisis), gloomy European market due to Greece deadlock and massive ECB quantitative easing.  Risks are opportunities in Year of Sheep.  In a bullish market, every risk will result in market correction, which can be a safe entry point.

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Wish all the readers a successful investment in the Year of Sheep 2015!


Year of Horse Performance

Figure: Last 1 year of global stock indices performance (过去`一年,全球主要股票指数的表现)

(Singapore – STI, Japan – Nikkei, China – SSEC, Hong Kong – Hang Seng, US – S&P500, Germany, US – Dow Jones, US – Nasdaq)



在一年前的马年市场展望报告,我准确地指出,马失前蹄乃塞翁失马、焉知非福。马年开市不利,不过后劲十足,就如我所预言一年前。所有主要全球股票指数,全年正数回报,获利介于10%至50%(看以上图表),纵然当时QE3乌云密布,中国经济缓慢。正如所料,中国上证指数(以A50 ETF交易)于2000点是强有力的支撑,因为鲜有强国处于如此低乐观指数。结果,上证指数经历了70%的飞腾,从2000点回弹至3400点,Ein55市场乐观指数策略成功地预测了这个良机。

除此之外,被低估的低乐观指数之淡马锡投资组合已经成功恢复,例如SMRT ($1 至 $1.80), NOL (从谷底翻上), Capitaland ($3 至 $3.60),还有更多的“淡马锡巨人”正在康复中。





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