High Return Low Risk Option Trading Strategy

Holy Grail of Stock Investing

Learn the secret to get 15-20% annual return with minimum risk thru easy-to-learn option trading strategy.    

High Win rate

Follow this strategy to get >90% confidence of a positive trades! 

Works on all trends

This strategy makes money regardless on market trends!

High Returns

Track records shows consistent 15-20% return a year.

Regular Income

Like having your own ATM from the Stock Market.

Easy to learn Strategy

Cut-to-the-chase one day training to learn what you need to know.

Simple to Execute

Only take you 30mins per week to execuate. Cannot be simpler.

 "This is the holy grail of stock market trading!"

-Alan Tan

Free 3 hrs Workshop

We are inviting you to come hear from the trainer himself on how his strategy can boost your investment return now.

In this workshop you will learn the secret of how you can get high return consistently from the market with low risk.  This strategy has been used by the trainer for years and have changed in finanical life forever. 

In the 3 hrs the trainer will cover the following topics:

  • The winning mindset of an investor.

  • What is option trading and why every investor should use it.

  • Common option strategies used by the pros.

  • Learn how you can make high return regardless of market directions.

  • and many more!

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Nothing to loose but much to gain!

Now every investors can profit from the Market!

Learn how you can create your own "ATM" from the stock Market. 

Learn how you can buy stocks at a discounted price and Sell stocks at a higher price.

Learn how you can get 25% profit even if the stock price remains the same!

Learn how you can Lock-in stock profits while protecting downside.

What is the difference between this and other Option Trading course? 

1) Systematic and simple Trading method

Did you know that with his trading method you only need to spend about only 30 mins per week to be successful? Plus he will teach you a system that remove all emotional trading pressure. That way you can sleep soundly every night without worrying about cutting lost. Shouldn't all investing be this way? 

2) Not 1 but 4 Portforlio building Strategies

Diversification is a key strategy every investor must know. This is no difference in Option trading. So, he not only will he teach how you can buy or sell options on a few counters, but he will also add in a topic on how you can build not 1 but 4 different types of trading portfolio to further strengthen and protect your trading investment.

3) Best post training support

We all know we can't master a topic with a day or two of training. That is why the trainer is providing FREE 3 months of unprecedented hand holding support. He will broadcast what he buys or sell to all graduates for 3 months. So you can truly learn how and what the expert trades.

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Nothing to loose but much to gain!

Option Trading Expert Jimmy

20 years of trading exprience

Charlie is a serial investor and trader. He started at a tender age of 21 and have never stopped since. He is fascinated with the world of investment and has personally invested in stocks, commodities, forex, wines, land-banking, units trust, bonds, T-bills and of course Options. He has since accumulated more than 20 years of Stock trading experience plus 10 years of Options Trading experience.
He graduated from XXX
Option Trader and trainer

Verified Performance

Average15% Return 

All of his trades are reviewed by another person before posting. So the examples you see during the free workshops here are his actual trade records. 
The trainer trades almost every other day. His track record is 15% return per year and on average win rate is around 90% of the time.

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Nothing to loose but much to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I heard Option trading is risky?
Yes, if you don't know how Option trading works. But once you know how to use Options, you can really minimize your risk and still get high profit from the market.
How do you minimize risk? 
The trainer will teach all students the different ways to manage risk:
a) Never trade with money that you need within a year. 
b) Follow the strategy and systemise the trade. That way you get your emotion out of the equation. 
c) Asset allocation is very important. You need to make sure your capital committed can support at least 3 or 4 trades at any one time.
Is this course for everyone? 
 This course is best suited for stock investors with 2-3 years of stock investing. In his class he will cover all the basics of option trading but will not cover the basics of stocks investing.
Does he have any losing trades?
Yes. Making mistake is part and parcel of trading. But if you follow the strategy, chances of making a lost is very low. 
Do I have to trade with any Option platform?
Yes, you will need to sign up with a Option trading broker. He will highlight the pros and cons of the different brokages. The choice of your prefered broker is up to you.
Will he tell me exactly what you buy and sell?
Yes. Information shared during the course and also for the next 3 months after the course. The best support for every gradutes. 
What are his qualifications as a Trader?
He has over 20 years of experience in the financial market.
Does his system work when the market is going down?
Yes. The trading strategy works for upwards, sideways or downward trend. It is extremely flexible. 
How much money do I need in my account to get started? 
Min US$3.5k to start. That is a minimum sum required for some brokage. 
What are options? Why would I trade them instead of stocks?
 Options are leverage instruments. Small capital is needed to buy/control 1 lot of stocks
How many trades should I expect every week?
Depends on your account size, could be 1 per month for 20% return.
How much time should I expect to spend each week on trades?    
Once you have mastered the system, it only takes average 30mins a day to trade successfuly. 
If he is a successful trader, why don’t he just trade his own account and make money, why is he doing this?
Yes,  he could. But he wants to share what he learn to benefit more people. Especailly small investors who does not have huge captial to start.  To convince all you can make money consistently from the market with low capital. 

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Nothing to loose but much to gain!

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Nothing to loose but much to gain!


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