Profit Mastery Seminar 2

The event is over. Thanks to all who made it a success!

New ways of PROFITING from the market

SOCIAL Trading | THEMATIC Investing | FACTOR Investing

23rd Oct 16 | $20 |Sunday | NTUC Auditorium | 1 - 5pm

Director, CIMB Private Banking

Keynote Speaker: 

Mr Song Seng Wun

Economic outlook: Too low for too long.

Mr Song holds a Master of Arts in Econometrics from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is a familiar icon in South-East Asia's news media as he has greatly contributed his professional views on the regional financial markets.

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Are you not getting enough Profit from the market?

 You are not alone! With the current market uncertainly and volatiity, it is harder and harder for retail traders and investors to make consistent profit from the market. That is the reason why we are organising this unique seminar to talk about the latest trend in investing. 

Learn the latest trends of trading and investing from the expert now!

The latest and hottest investing trends includes SOCIAL Trading, THEMATIC investing and FACTOR based investing. Don't understand what they are? No worries! This is the perfect seminar for you. Our experts will talk about those investing trends and provide insights to arm you with the knowledge you need. 



Social trading allows traders to trade online with the help of others and some have claimed shortens the learning curve from novice to experienced trader.  



Thematic investing is a top-down investment approach that helps investors gain exposure to macroeconomic themes and trends through managed funds or baskets of related stocks.  

Factor Investing

Instead of picking individual stocks, factor investing constructs an index according to specific, pre-determined characteristics ("factors") shared by groups of stocks. 

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Topics and Speakers

Speaker’s profile and their respective topic of presentation.  

Mr Song Seng Wun

Keynote: Micro economic outlook- Too low for too long.

2016 is set to be the 5th consecutive year of below trend global trade volume growth. Brexit has fuel worries but not sparked systemic panic that could cause another financial or global recession. The risks of a hard landing of China economy are real, but it is a low probability event. Geo-political risks still high in Middle East, East/South China Seas, North Africa and Europe. As we head into end-2016, financial markets may stay volatile because of the divisive US Presidential election. Below trend global growth may persist into 2017. Hence, the headwinds for the Singapore economy continue to be severe, as the export-dependent economy awaits the pickup in global demand.

Where are the opportunities or other risks that investors should be looking out for? Mr Song will discuss these and more.

Mr Song holds a Master of Arts in Econometrics from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He started his career as an economist in Malayan Banking Bhd in Kuala Lumpur. In the early 1990's, he moved to Singapore and worked as a Regional Economist with various major multi-national financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch; Warburg Dillon Read as well as ABN Amro. Mr Song areas of focus are in the economies of ASEAN-5. He is a familiar icon in South-East Asia's news media as he has greatly contributed his professional views on the regional financial markets.


Roland Liew

Social Trading:  Many is better than one when it comes to trading.

Everyone is doing it. Are you? I mean trading with a group of like-minded people.  

Social trading is not new, but with current technological advances, social trading has taken off in a whole new level. Now you can have hundreds of traders or investors exchanging their ideas online on a common counter. Information of what to buy or sell is all available to you day or night.  

But with all these deluge of information, will it make you a better trader? Or will you suffer from information paralysis? In this talk we will explore the pros and cons of social trading and provide insights to how you can get the best out of social investing.

Ethan will cover Singapore’s very own, up and coming social trading platform, InvestingNote. You will be able to see how trading and investing has been taken to the Internet in this digital era, and how it’s changing the game for investors from all around.

Roland is the co-owner of Wealth Directions. Roland has more than 20 years of investing experience and adopts the Value Investing approach. He started the blog to help increase financial literacy of the middle class. His specializes in under valued REITS that offers good dividend payout. Roland is one of the trainers for the Secrets to Making Money in Stocks seminar and several of his investing articles have been published in LianHe Zao Bao.

Ethan is a self-taught investor who started investing in the US stock market when he was still in university, and currently the marketing lead for InvestingNote. Prior to his role in InvestingNote, he was a personal banker dealing with unit trusts and bancassurance in the wealth management division of a bank. He has Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) certification. He is a strong advocate for financial and investment literacy as he believes everyone should be able to manage their personal finances well.

Alvin Chow

Factor based Investing: 5 Proven Ways To Invest For Higher Returns

Factor based investing has created a new wave of investing strategies that have evidence of excess returns. This talk aims to introduce and explain the concept of value, size, momentum, volatility and quality factors in an easy to understand manner.

Attendees would discover the financial ratios and indicators used to gain excess returns, and glean insights to enhance their investment strategies.


Alvin Chow is the founder and director of BigFatPurse Pte Ltd. He set up this company to champion financial education in Singapore as he believes a minimum level of financial literacy is necessary to enable people to be functional with money.To achieve this aim, the partners have written articles to educate over 400,000 readers through They have also conducted courses for over 2,000 attendees. Following the concepts of Benjamin Graham, coupled with his personal experience in the stock market, he devised an investing approach known as the Conservative Net Asset Value. He is the author of two books, Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus and The Singapore Permanent Portfolio.

Leries Goh

Thematic Investing: Turning your investing ideas into actions.

Technology has broaden the investment and trading horizon for everyone. Retail customers can now trade like an institution by riding on market major trends with cutting edge strategies offered.

Let me share some insights with you on how you can gain accessibility to certain strategies that used to be only available to institutions or hedge funds due to high research and development costs involved and intense knowledge and expertise required.

This trading edge will possibly brings you closer to achieve a better return in this dynamic market.

Leries Goh has more than 8 years of extensive experience in various financial products inclusive of equities, CFDs, futures and forex. Having been travelled around the world prior to entering the financial industry helps her gain in-depth understanding and diverse exposure and thus able to look at trading and investing from a more wholesome perspective. She has also obtained a Chinese Language and Literature Degree from Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学) and trained in Marketing & Business Management.
She is now a CFD specialist and manager in CIMB Securities Singapore. Effectively bilingual, Leries speaks in various seminars regularly in regional countries and conducts training for internal sales force, clients and savvy investors.

Jake Damien Chow

Factor based Investing: Dynamic portfolio construction using Factors

Factor investing involves breaking down securities into their fundamental drivers to create a more precise and balanced portfolio. Factor investing is a development grounded in academic research that began in the 1960s and has its roots in the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), which introduced the relationship between risk and expected returns. There is also strong empirical evidence that factors performed differently over various parts of the business cycle, so how do you create a portfolio to meet your investment objectives?

In this session, I will using a Strategic (Core) and Tactical (Satellite) framework to demonstrate and discuss the appropriate factor allocation mix in constructing portfolios based on one’s time horizon and risk tolerance.

Jake is currently market strategist with CIMB research. He specialises in technical analysis and is a strong proponent of systematic (rule-based) trading. He tracks global macro data; capital flows and conducts quantitative research to generate trading/investment ideas. Research interests include portfolio management, global macro/risk parity/quantitative trading strategies, asset relationships (inter-market, sector rotation and relative-strength analysis), system development and testing, algorithmic trading and behavioural finance.  Jake earned a Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics and Finance from RMIT University in Melbourne. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA). 

All Speakers

Discussion Panel + Q&A: Which is the best investing strategy for me?

This is the most important part of the Seminar. All Speakers will take turns to comment about the different investing trends discussed and will take question from the audience. 

We are allocating more time in this session to allow more interaction. So please fire your questions away!

Here we invite all participants to ask any questions related to the topics presented or any personal finance related questions that was not covered earlier. 

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"Most comprehensive topics. Really not to be missed!"

Pictures from last year's event

Profit Mastery Seminar 1- Held Sep 2015

About us

Wealth Directions Pte Ltd was founded in year 2010 and have educated more than 10,000 students in personal financial literacy.
We have conducted numerious financial related courses and workshops for fellow investors in Singapore. Recently, we have also organised the Inaugural Financial Blogger Investment Seminar with some of the top financial bloggers like Big Fat Purse,  Dr Wealth, Cheerfuegg etc. 
With the mission to help 1 Million Millionaires, Wealth Directions Pte Ltd aims to be the leading provider of Financial Education in Singapore and the region.
Kenneth's coaching session
Dr Tee conducting workshops
Personal Financial Investment Seminar

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Who should attend?

New Investors 

Getting a head start into the world of investing and wants to gather more information about what kinds of investment would suit you considering your risk/reward profile   

Seasoned Investors 

Those who wants to catch a glimpse of what the outlook for year 2017 could possibly look like. Let Mr Song Seng Wun share his views on the how some of the financial issues could affect the world economy    

Young Adults

Transiting into working life and starting to build a nest egg for your next phase in life. How to avoid costly mistakes that could wipe out your hard earned savings  

Working Adults

A good opportunity to sharpen your investing skills and learn how to optimize your current investment portfolio to help you reach your financial goals

What will you get?

5 Investing Experts

As Issac Newton says, If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. With a wealth of experience over 100 years combined, come learn how you can drastically shorten your learning curve by emulating investing strategies shared by these giants!    

5+1 Engaging Topics

With the audience’s interests in mind, these topics are carefully selected to suit every man on the street. And rest assured that we have gathered the most qualified speakers to deliver these knowledge to you in an engaging and effective manner.  

Lots of  Goodies!

It's our second edition of Profit Mastery Seminar so we have lined up lots of freebies and lucky draws! Just our way of saying thanks to you for supporting and walking this journey with us!   

It's our 2nd edition of Profit Mastery Seminar and you are getting Presents!

Great Value off for all Participants ($20)

We intentionally kept the price of the seminar low to allow as many fellow investors to participate as possible. Wealth Directions have benefited a lot from the support of many of our past and present students and this is one of the way we are giving back to broader community. 

But you have to act fast to claim your seat before it is gone! 

Free "High Yield Portforlio" strategy workshop worth $38 for paid Participants

Wealth Directions is offering our brand new workshop where Kenneth (WD's Master Trainer) will reveal his secret on how he pick and created a 20% yielding portfolio. In this 3-hrs session he will reveal what those stocks are and what criteria he uses to select. This workshop  will cover topics like:

  • Reveal what sector is good to get consistent return for the long run.
  • Reveal the 3 or 4 actual stocks for past 2 years that yielded 20% returns.
  • Learn what method he use to buy and sell to get to get those returns.
  • Many more!

Course Discounts and lucky draw worth $1200

This is our 2nd edition so we are giving out special offers on some of our courses and a chance to win fabulous prizes. 

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