Secrets to Maximizing Profit in Stocks with Ein55 Styles

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Program Objectives :

To provide attendees with the techniques on how to Make CONSISTENT Passive Income & Maximize PROFITS in Any Market by differentiating and applying PERSONALISED investing strategies using Ein55 Styles, which is applicable for BEAR, FLAT and BULL markets.



Attend this course and you will learn:

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  • Blending the Best of Value Investing, Stock Trading and Market Cycle Investing in 1 course.

  • How to generate consistent passive incomes and enormous capital gains.

  • Personalized investing strategy with total investment portfolio analysis of stocks, bonds, cash properties, commodities, and macro economy.

  • Calculate mid and long terms upside growth potential and downside risk of individual stocks and regional/global indices.

  • Differentiate and apply different investing strategies for bull market, flat market and bear market.

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“I have been making a lot of mistakes throughout my investment journey and I can say that I have found the answers for my mistakes.”    – Low Wing Soon


Common challenges facing the average stocks investors

Do you feel you are not getting the maximum return from you stock investment? Or felt that you are always buying too late and selling too early? You are not alone. Many average stock investors jumped into market thinking he can make a lot of profit from it by just listening to friends or follow well know big investors. Little do they know that most often than not,  the strategies employed by the big investors are not be suitable for smaller investors.

What are the missing pieces for average investors?



One very common area average investors often overlooked is understanding the bigger Marco Economy picture when investing.  An action by a body (like the Federal Reserves) will impact many areas of the economy. It is critical to understand the relationship between one asset class and another so you can stay ahead of the game.




The other common mistake by average investor is blindly following of other investor’s investment strategy. We all want to invest like Warren Buffet. But very few of us can, as retail investors does not similar resources and insights to counters he is investing. The right thing to do is to adopt a strategy that suit your own’s resources and risk appetite.
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Everything behaves in a cycle. Especially for investment assets like stocks, bonds, commodity prices and even property. So it is essential for investors to fully understand how to read the market cycle and more importantly know what to do in the different Investment phases. And this will be covered in this course in entirety.


Program Synopsis:

5 days course will cover:


  • Ein55 Value Investing

    • Learn about Value investing vs Growth Investing, Reading of financial report and stock screening.

  • Ein55 Market Cycle Investing

    • Learn about Marco Economy and how it impacts the stock market.

    • Technical Analysis (TA) -Ein55 trading techniques.

    • Market Optimism Strategy. Here you will learn what to buy and when to buy.

    • Combining Value + Market Cycle + trading.

  • Practical

    • Learn using Case studies.


  • Personal Analysis (PA)

    • Understanding your personal indicators and investor psychology.

  • Ein55 Investing Strategies

    • Links between economy and stock market.

    • Diversity using Bonds/cash/unit trust/Commodity and property.

  • Personalized Investing Strategy

    • How you invest in Bull/Bear/Flat market.

    • Your investment portfolio management.

  • Investing Game


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What Will You Learn (con’t)

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  • Share strategies to master simple ways of truly Buy-very-LOW Sell-very-HIGH, while avoiding pitfalls of Buy-High-Sell-Low, to maximize profit in stock market
  • Unique techniques on WHAT to buy, WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Sell using Ein55 Styles with FA (Fundamental Analysis), TA (Technical Analysis) and PA (Political / Psychological / Personal Analysis)
  • Estimate the speculation factor of individual stocks during euphoric stage of market
  • How to become winning investors by controlling your GREED and FEAR emotions?
  • Differentiate between false alarm and real crisis in the investment markets
  • Integrate the best practices of trading, market cycle investing and value investing into Ein55 Styles
  • Customize investment techniques based on individual investing styles for the best portfolio performance
  • Risk management through a diversified investment portfolio, position sizing & strong holding power
  • Define investment clock for entry and exit of stock market using % Optimism
  • Understand the unique market cycles and relationship of different asset classes (bond, propert, gold/silver, commodity, forex, bank deposit) with economy and their influences on stock market


55 Investment Styles of Ein55 (partial list shown):

  • #1 FTP Analysis: FA + TA + PA (三足鼎立)
  • #2 When Trader Meets Investor (以慢制快)
  • #3 Mega-Market-Cycle Investing (滑浪高手)
  • #4 Let Mega Trend be your First Friend (大势所趋)
  • #5 Let Time be Your Second Friend (时来运转)
  • #6 Macro and Micro Analysis (龙头老大)
  • #7 Stock Market and Economy (脣齿相依)
  • #8 World Synchronization (同生共死)
  • #9 Economy Master Plan (纵横天下)
  • #10 Spiral Economy (螺旋经济)
  • #11 Blessing in Disguise (因祸得福)
  • #12 FA + TA (发达之道)
  • and 40 more styles

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Who Should Attend:

Individual who is interested to Generate Consistent Passive Incomes (>=10%/year) and CAPITAL GAINS (>50%%) through investing as a RELAXED INVESTOR in Stock and diversified investment Markets.


What others are saying:

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About The Trainer (Dr Tee): 


ein55 logoDr Tee

[/ez_one_third][ez_two_third_last]Dr Tee holds a PhD specialized in computational simulation. He possesses 17 years of trading/investing experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and related investment markets. He was a corporate vice president, now an owner of a consulting firm and also a trading/investing educator.

He is known as Ein55, the founder of investing blog with Ein55 Styles, sharing his experience extensively with over 700 investment articles and journal interviews, conducting many trading and investing courses using unique FA, TA and PA methods with Market Optimism Strategy.

Attain financial freedom with both Consistent Passive Incomes and Enormous Capital Gains, weathering various global crisis. Lear more about him here.



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Disclaimer: All financial instruments including equity and derivative securities involve risk. Financial market participants must satisfy suitability requirements outlined by relevant brokers in order to trade financial instruments. Transacting in financial instruments is inherently risky and uncertain. Past results are not indicative of future performance.