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 “I have altogether 10 winning trades with a total profits of $2,759 (nett of comms). I am only in my 3rd week in!”

Mr Pang


Verified Performance

All his trades are verified transacted trades. Past performance shows greater than 60% positive trades with yield around 15% a day.

Real Trader Real Money

He trades almost daily using his own money.  So what you get is real trader’s trades. Not paper trades.

Full daily trade information

You get full trade information on his trades from execution to liquidation. So you won’t be left hanging.

How does it work?

Step 1: Trade Expert does his home work

Every morning during the start of a trading day, he will scan through several counters in Asian market (Focusing on ASX and SGX) to spot trends and select counters with a high probability of a winning trade.

Step 2: He Execute and Broadcast

Once he found a counter that matches his tight criteria, he will execute them and then broadcast his trade to all his subscribers. Information will include ticker name, quantity, price of buy or sell execution and time.

Step 3: You Receive information

You will recieve the Expert’s trade information almost real time via our closed WhatsApp Group. That way you can choose to “follow” his trade using your own brokerage.

On average you should expect to see 4-5 trade information a week.

Examples of trades

Below are real example of what a subscriber will see when he gets a broadcast through WhatsAPP.  He normally will transact one or two pair of trades a day. 90% of the time he square off before end of trading day.

More examples of trades

Screen shot example of a SELL trade.

Screen shot example of a double BUY trade.

Our Trade Expert: YOTA

20 years of trading exprience

YOTA is very familar with the world of financial trading.  He has spent nearly 30 years in the financial market trading in commodities, futures, FX and stocks. But he still finds that stocking trading is the most lucrative instrument of all. That is because he has developed a system that is able to provide him a consistent income from the market.

He is a shy person and perfer to stay low profile and anonymous because he just want to share his trades and have as people benefit from it as possible.

Focus in Asian Market

He main forte is his deep understanding of the Australian and Singapore market. He loves those 2 markets because the cost of trading in them is cheaper compared to other regional market. Plus, the operating hours of the markets allow him to fully participate in them without staying up late or losing sleep. Yes, the US market may have more options and opportunity to trade, but he felt he will have better chance of a positive trade if he participates in them real time.

YOTA is different. Instead of boosting how good his trading strategy is, he rather let his result speaks for themselves.  You can check out his past trade record for reference.  But there is no better way to verify the accuracy then to sign up for the free trail and see yourself. So take advantage of that and start trading!

YOTA’s Verified Performance

Average15% Return

All of his trades are reviewed by another person before posting. So the examples you see here are his actual trade records.
YOTA trades almost everyday. His track record is 15% return per day and on average win rate is around 60% of the time.  From the example below you will get a better sense of the frequency and types of trades being executed.

Compiled Results

Click through the different months in the tab below to see how YOTA perform in his trade calls.  Bear in mind these are real trades done by him. So there will be loses in some weeks or months. But most imporant part is to make sure overall the cumulative P&L is growing.

When you subsribe to the service, you will be able to see all of his trade starting from Nov 2015.

If you recall, Jan 2016 was bad for the market. But Yota did well to achieve high win rate and very good ROI numbers.

Had a very shaky start in the early part of the month. But was super performing for the rest of Mar. Win rate was on the high side at 79%.

This cumulative P&L took a hit in the later part of the month. But still managed to gain $4k for his portfolio.

May is suppose to be a bad month for trading. But looks like YoTa is still able to get a positive return for the month!

Month of June is a very busy month for YoTa! Due to Brexit, there were a lot volatility and that means more trading opportunities!

Plans and Pricing

You can choose to start with a 7 days free trial or start your subscription straight away. If you cancel during the first7 calendar days, you won’t get charged at all! – no questions asked.
All you have to do is to is to send us an email and we will cancel your trial subscription, send you a confirmation email and stop any payment.
after the first 7 days, you will be sent an email for subscription at S$88 per month.

YoTa SeeMyTrade (free trial)

  • Get 3-5 trade calls every week
  • Regular trade result posting
  • Support from Wealth Directions
  • Access to all his trades history
  • Access to members only pages
  • Fee locked in (same price even if there are increases)
Suspending free trial

YoTa SeeMyTrade

  • Get 3-5 trade calls every week
  • Regular trade result posting
  • Support from Wealth Directions
  • Access to all his trades history
  • Access to members only pages
  • Fee locked in (same price even if there are increases)
Suspending service for now

What will you get with trial or paid subscriptions

You will get a welcome letter with your login details and instructions on how to prepare yourself to receive the trade information.
In 2-3 business days, you will start geting on average 1-2 Stock Trading information per day. These are the stocks that YOTA is trading with his own account with his own money. Except on days when the he is out for travel or when market trading volume is thin. When that happens, notification will be send prior to allow subscribers to close out the trades or be monitored with stops in place. .
You will have have access to a summary of completed trades done for the week. That way you will be able to see all the trades in a single page.

Subscribers Results and Testimonials

Lets hear what subscribers are saying about YOTA and his trade calls.

“I am personally subscribed to his service since it started. I appreciate the effort Yota takes to understand the constraints of his subscribers and try to help us with it. For example, some might be confused if a call is a new one or an existing one, some might not have time to monitor his calls early in the morning. He is constantly tweaking his messages to make sure his subscribers get the most out of them.

He has also evolved his strategy to match the changing market conditions. One has the luxury of an entire month to evaluate the profitability of his calls. Moreover it is a subscription renewable on a monthly basis which means you are not bounded to the service for long periods like that seen in many other providers of trading calls and can terminate your subscription anytime.

More importantly, it has been a profitable subscription thus far and I would not look any further for a better deal than this!”


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this system work?
Once you have subscribed, you get an email confirmation when your phone number is added to the WhatsAPP group. This will take around 1-3 working days. From then on, you will start receiving the trade broadcast on your WhatsAPP. Plus, you will have access to pages on our site on his latest trade records.
How does he manage Risk?
There are several layers to managing risk:
a) For every counter he will have a good idea of support and resistance price. So when trades goes out of his expected range, cut lost signal will be sent.
b) To keep exposure to a minimum, most trades will conclude within a trading day.
c) Asset allocation is very important. You need to make sure your capital committed can support at least 3 tranches for any counter. There will be time that he will add position to a counter if he sees trend going in his favor.
d) As all trades are CFD trades, one will have to manage the leverage risk. It is recommended to have at least 30% of free equity to sustain market volatility.
e) It is highly recommended to check with CIMB CFD team to learn more about leverage risk management.
Does he have any losing trades?
Yes. Making mistake is part and parcel of trading. But the important thing is to minmize loses when it goes against the trend. From past record, the win vs loose ratio is about 60/40. But the key tatic is to make sure the stop lost is tight and allow your winning trades to run.
Do I have to trade with CIMB CFD platform?
Preferably, because YOTA trades with that brokerage and will only provide ticker codes based on CIMB platform. Full stock name will not be mentioned.
Why CIMB CFD is the preferred platform to trade with?
Not all trading platforms are the same. To aviod miscommunication, it is best to have the same trading platform as YOTA.  Plus:
a) You are guranteed to have the short counters avaliable.
b) You have access to their CIMB mobile app which allows you to trade anywhere.
c) Best of all, you will not be charged extra for call in trades. Extremely useful when you are on the run.
Will he tell me exactly what you buy and sell?
Yes. Information shared will include ticker code, which market (SGX or ASX), price to buy or sell and time of execution.
What are his qualifications as a Trader?

He has over 20 years of experience in the financial market.

Does his system work when the market is going down?

Yes. Because YOTA will be giving both long and short trade information.

How much money do I need in my account to get started?

Min S$10k to start. That is to allow you to have at least 3 tranches of trades avaliable.

What are options? Why would I trade them instead of stocks?

No options trade information will be provided.

How many trades should I expect every week?

Depends on market, but around 3 to 5 a week on average. The number depends on the current market conditions like trends and volume.

How much time will it take me to learn to “Follow”?
The instructions will be simple. But you will need time to learn how to trade on CIMB CFD mobile platform. You can download find out more about CIMB CFD here.
How much time should I expect to spend each week on trades?

Once you have mastered trading on CIMB CFD mobile APP, it should not take you more than 5 mins to execute a trade.

What is the track record of his trades?

On average 6 of 10 trades are positive.

If he is a successful trader, why don’t he just trade his own account and make money, why is he doing this?

Yes, he is already making money from his own trading. However, he found out that there are still a lot of traders that are not maximizing their profit from the market. Common issues includes not knowing what to trade and exiting too early. He hopes through this platform, he can provide more ideas on what to trade and share his ideas to as many traders as possible.

If I have questions, how can I contact you?

Due to high number of subscribers, he may not be able to personally answer all your questions. But you can write to Wealth Directions email address any time!

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