Our Seminars

Yew Kin-COO


Our mission is to grow a million millionaire. And we want you to be the next one.

Do you feel that money is always not enough? Or do you feel that currently lifestyle is getting harder to keep up? If your your answer is yes, than I would like to invite you to attend any of our specially designed seminars to put you in the fast lane to financial freedom.

We have different investment seminars to suit different investors. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert investor, you will definitely fine a right seminar for your interest.

Here are the list of seminars that we are currently conducting.


  1. Secrets to Maximizing Profit in Stocks with Ein55 Styles

    • Designed especially for investors looking for a breakthrough in their stock investment journey. It is conducted in English and you can find out more at the “Maximizing profit in stocks” page.

  2. 股票投资训练班 (Mandarin Stock Investment)

    • Specially designed for novice stock investors looking for a small class learning of essential stocks fundamental and technical analysis . it is conducted in Chinese and you can find out more here.

  3. Proven Stock Investment strategies for beginners.

    • Designed for beginner investors looking at starting to invest in the stock market with little capital. Kenneth will teach you how find undervalued stocks and when to buy and sell them. Go to the “stock investment for beginners” page now.