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“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy”.  Many people knew it but very few people can do it. Why we do understand but no able to do it?  Because this is human nature. When the stock has stumbled over the past few years, when everyone has lost hope on it, would a normal person like many of us have confidence to invest in it? When every investor is afraid of it and go away from the stock and, would you have the courage to be greedy and invest you money into the stock? The answer of most people is no. They are many reasons that we do not have the courage. I am going to discuss some of them here.

  1. Most people are followers. They do not make their own investment decision and judgments and therefore when most people are afraid to invest in it, many will also follow.
  2. Over analyse. For experienced investors, they usually have a good understanding of trends and technical indicators, so when a stock is already on down trend channel, they will not invest.
  3. Too worried. When a stock stumbles endlessly, there must be bad news or bad performance and therefore there is no reason for investors to invest in it.

In summary, when most people are not optimistic about the technical and or fundamentals of the stock, many freeze up and will not invest. So share price will become vicious cycle and continue the going down for long period of time.

Million dollar question

My question is than when can we have chance to be greedy? When everyone else is fearful? When your neighbor made a killing? The answer my friend, is we can be greedy, if you know the business of the stock, the reason why the stock is on the down trend, you know the value of the stock, you know other investor is overreacted and have oversold the price. The only thing you are not sure is how much the stock price will hit the bottom, but I believed this is the time you have to be greedy and start to invest in it after taking a good control in risk management. I am going to share with you a share which will allow you to have a chance to be greedy. Of course, you have to spend some time to research and better understand the stock before you can be greedy.

Stock pick

Phoenix New Media Ltd is a media company providing content on an integrated platform across Internet, mobile and television channels in China. It also transmits its UGC and in-house produced content to television viewers primarily through Phoenix TV.  From the chart  below. The share price have been on down trend for the past three years and have drop more than 70% from the high of US$12+ to as low as US$3.11. I have been investing some of my money in it since June 2014 when share price around US$10. I share with you now because the share price has now dropped to an attractive and safe level that provides investor a chance to be greedy. Please spend some time to look at it in more detail, if you are investor who likes to invest some of you fund to a media business.


If you are interested to learn more about this stock pick, you are invited to attend my workshop where I will share with you my journey for the past 2 years with Phoenix New Media Ltd. In this 2hr+ of sharing session, I will tell you everything I know about this company and why I am greedy now. A breakdown of what will be covered:

  1. The background of the company, the business performance and the financial ratio of the company.
  2. I will share with you my real trade records for the past 2 years and what is my plan going forward.
  3. Share my understanding of “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy” mindset. Having this mindset will allow you to spot more “greedy” opportunity.
  4. I will reveal to you another internet stock pick which I have gained 100% profit within 2 years of investment but using a different investment strategy.
  5. BONUS: All paid participants will automatically be registered in my private “Trainer stock pick” mailer list. Where you can get insides earlier than anyone else.

The workshop fee is only S$28.  Do join me in this session where you will get to know not 1 but 2 really good stock pick for 2017.  Please click the link below to register.


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About Kenneth: His educational background is in the area of Management Accounting & Finance and has 12 years of experience holding various financial positions in a US listed company in Singapore. He is also an Associated Financial Planner (AFP). Kenneth started from humble beginnings and amassed more than 20 years of investing experience, primarily focusing in Stocks and Properties. With a net worth of more than 2 million, he is the Master Trainer of the Essential Stocks Analysis as well as the trainer for Secrets to Making Money in Stocks seminars. As a speaker, Kenneth is well sought after and have spoken to hundreds of people and conducted more than 50 workshops and courses to date. Kenneth is currently dedicating most of his time teaching other aspiring investors who wants to learn the ropes of Stock
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