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Investment is to take calculated risk, using special edges (eg. Optimism + FA + TA + PA) to give unfair advantages in winning rate over time, aligning to own personality with independent thinking.

Investment is NOT to copy and paste the methods with stock tips, news and rumours, following herd mentality with hope strategy.

No one could know what will happen tomorrow. Guessing or hoping is not a reliable strategy for investment. Instead, we should know ourselves first, our unique personality which comprises of many aspects, eg. control of greed and fear, stress management, risk tolerance level, profit target, financial condition, holding power, resources available, etc.

Even if one only masters one weapon, it could give special edge, although it is limited. Eg:

Investor – using FA (Fundamental Analysis) weapon to find strong business
Trader – using TA (Technical Analysis) weapon to ride the trend of prices.

One should bridge between FA & TA:
FA + TA = FATA (发达)

Ideally, we could add 2 more weapons of Optimism + PA (Personal Analysis) to form a personalized strategy for any investment: stock, property, bond, commodity, forex, etc.  Learn from Dr Tee to master these simple but powerful investment weapons.

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